Process for Mission/Goals 2022

Goal Setting and Planning Report 2021-22


Since last July a Vision/Mission/Goal setting meeting has been being developed with the Illinois Association for School Boards. The need for this work was significant:


  • not been updated since 2016;
  • provides the Board and Administrators direction;
  • allows for the stakeholders to understand expectations of the work and role of the school District.

In December and January, the Board of Education President and the Superintendent began complying with a list of possible participants. With the assistance of IASB the list was narrowed down to 40 invites to keep the workgroup manageable and representative of the community at large.


In February, the Superintendent, Board of Education, and invited community members (City Council, Organizational leaders, Parents, Union Representatives) were asked to take part in a March 5, 2022, meeting.

We had 19 participants on Saturday.


On March 23 a smaller group of Participants from the Saturday group met to review what the Illinois School Board Association took as keywords to write goals. We met to evaluate the interpretation and intent based on the group work from Saturday. The goals were refined and presented to the Board for edit/approval- the approval of the belief statements, mission, and goals was made in April 2022. 


 The Process 

 Met with Community and Board to determine Values, Beliefs, Goals (the big goals).


 School Board worked on Mission and reviewed the big goals.


 Once the big goals were determined, the Superintendent works on the subgoals (district smart goals) and how those will be measured, indicated, and monitored across the District. These are then submitted to the Board for approval. (over the summer)


In the fall the teachers and staff will assist in determining how their work will be reported in terms of these goals, and establish at least 3 building goals around the District indicators.


Board and Superintendent continuously monitor these goals making adjustments as necessary. 


Core Values and Beliefs

Core values and beliefs are a small set of guiding principles that have intrinsic importance to the organization. They are so fundamental and deeply held that they will seldom change. These belief statements along with the district mission lay the foundation for setting district goals.


District Goals

Under each goal, we listed out sub goals, data sources, and monitoring dates that will need to be filled in.  The sub goals will be specific goals designed to accomplish the overall goal.  The data sources and the monitoring dates should be determined for each sub goal as well.

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