Federal funded

Federal Programs and funding comes to the District in various forms. We have the flow throughs from the state to the district like the District Consolidated Plan (Title 1, Title II, Title VI) and ESSER Funding, WINS (lunch program) and selective competitive grants. Then we have directly federally funded resources like the REAP-G5 and the Connectivity Grant. Some funding sources are competitive like the Community Partnership Grant and Connectivity Grant, which take time beyond the normal Superintendent or administrative duties to write and submit.

Knowing the about of funding Waverly would be receiving and the responsibility that comes with such funding, I joined the state of Illinois blended and braiding webinar series bringing along the administrative team. From those sessions I was asked to continue the work I was doing with Georgetown University's Edunomics Lab. A US Department of Education grant helped the Edunomics Lab create their programs and district supports. Being part of Edunomics has helped me assess Waverly's current investments and finalize spending plans to do the most for students. I learned how to concisely examine spending in the context of student need, identify risks and mitigation strategies, and communicate in ways that are manageable to digest about financial decisions with stakeholders.

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