From The Superintendent to the Community

Spring 2024 Newsletter

By Brandi Bruley (with the help of some others)

As I sat in my office working on grants, I heard the loud honking of the many truck drivers who brighten our elementary students’ day by tooting their horns as the students had outside recess. If you have not witnessed this, you should.  During outside recess, our elementary students run to the fence to gesture to the truckers to honk at them.  You can visualize this as we have all done this many times in our childhood: pass an 18 Wheeler, make a fist and hold your fist high,  and wave your arm up and down in hopes the truck driver will acknowledge you through a honk and a wave.   

This is what  happens often during the day here at Waverly CUSD 6.  I smile each time I hear the truckers blast their horns, followed by cheers and laughter from our students.  This gesture of affection up and down Route 104 is one of the many things I love about this district.  And because of this thought, I decided to ask some of our staff and  students, "Well, what do you love about our school?”  Here are some of their candid comments. 

  1. “I love the hard working staff at the elementary building.” - Mrs. Turner

  2. “Recess.”- Luke Durako, 2nd Grade

  3. “I love doing center time.”  - Raegan Callahan- PreK

  4. “We love playing on the playground- the swings.”  - Patrick and Parker Lyons-K

  5. “I love the caring.  I have witnessed staff showing how much they care for fellow staff and students.  I have personally been shown a level of caring and empathy that has helped me with a very difficult family loss.”  - Tammy Carlock, R.N

  6. “I love mostly the teachers because you can talk to them.  And I like the new desks.”- Danny Tedrow- 11th grade

  7. “There is a lot I love about this school. I like how everyone is really nice here and I have better friendships than at my previous school.  And my teachers are really nice too.”- Julian Sanchez- 8th grade

  8. “I love how the teachers are understanding and willing to help all students.”

- Sienna Brown-11th grade

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